MakerBot revolutionizes Manufacturing with METHOD X

MakerBot revolutionizes Manufacturing with METHOD X

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

METHOD X is designed to help the engineers and manufacturers achieve dimensionally accurate, and production-grade traditional manufacturing processes.

FREMONT, CA: MakerBot, one of the best company in manufacturing 3D printing, has announced it has launched METHOD X, a manufactured workstation which is engineered to challenge traditional manufacturing.

METHOD X is a major in printing the real ABS which can tolerate up to 15 degrees Celsius higher temperature, which is up to 26 percent more rigid, and range up to 12 percent stronger than advanced ABS formulations. The real ABS parts that are printed on METHOD X have no cracking that used to occur while printing modified ABS on desktop platforms.

METHOD X with its exceptional features is an excellent thermal and mechanical property that is comparable to ABS materials used for injection molding applications, making it perfect for a range of applications which includes end-use parts, manufacturing tools, and functional prototypes. A 100 percent Circulating Heated Chamber enables a stable print atmosphere for supreme surface finish.

METHOD X enables the engineers to design, testy, and produce models and custom end-use parts with durable, and production-gradee ABS for their industry needs. METHOD X is the only 3D printer in its price class that uses SR-30, enabling unlimited design freedom and the ability to print unlimited and unrestricted geometry.

METHOD X, an industrial 3D printer holds excellent features like Dry-Sealed Bays, Dual Performance Extruders, Soluble Supports, and an Ultra-Rigid Metal Frame. METHOD X can be used with MakerBot's lines of Precision and Speciality Materials which includes MakerBot PLA, MakerBot TOUGH, MakerBot PETG, MakerBot PVA, MakerBot ABS, and SR-30.

Nadav Goshen, CEO, MakerBot mentioned, "When we initially launched METHOD, we broke the price-to-performance barrier by delivering a 3D printer that was designed to bridge the technology gap between industrial and desktop 3D printers. This made industrial 3D printing accessible to professionals for the first time. Since then, we have shipped hundreds of printers and received positive feedback from a number of our customers on the precision and reliability of the machine."

MakerBot METHOD X's very advanced and innovative feature helps the users with a seamless workflow to help them optimize their design and production process.

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