Manufacturing Intelligence Techniques to Increase Farmers'...

Manufacturing Intelligence Techniques to Increase Farmers' Productivity

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, December 03, 2018

With the increase in the population along with the land for farming, water, and energy resources, the survival of farmers has been miserable in the U.S. The farmers are to be provided with safe and efficient crop protection, seed-care products that help to develop strong roots for healthy and high crop yields. Agribusiness suppliers should ensure that they provide enough needs for farmers in cultivation.

There is a need to replace the process and systems of chemical production facilities in crop protection and seed care. The companies used to depend on outdated labor and time process that lacked track and trace capabilities. The operators used to manually check the weights and add the ingredients required for the crop cultivations. This process was prolonged, lacked reliability, and it was difficult to gather the information on crops and report abilities. The agribusiness companies believed that there is a need for a new process that can increase the production of ingredients to meet farmer requirements along with the information regarding the farming and continuous control strategies to monitor production operations. By this, the company can ensure end-to-end traceability of crops. The company contracted services of Interstates Control Systems and Manufacturing Intelligence has merged with Rockwell Automation Partner Network to provide plant-wide information and control system based on the PlantPAx process and automation system. With the help of these processes, companies can increase productivity, improve workflow and management, track, and trace abilities of crops.

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The manufacturing intelligence solution FactoryTalk VantagePoint Sofware provides unmatched visibility into production. This application provides virtual access to all plant data sources and helps the farmers to improve the performance. It also produces web-based reports like dashboards, trends, and documents that provide users with the required information relevant to their job.

The PlantPAx process automation system extends the manufacturing process along with receiving, handling, processing, packaging, and shipping materials. This approach has an open architecture across the plant to provide a comprehensive solution for the management of information. Furthermore, the track and traceability allow a company easier to gather real-time data which is accurate and can be accessed in further implementations of farming. Automated collection of unique batch IDs ensure end-to-end product traceability. The new system has increased production of 166 percent, and the company estimates a 25 percent increase in manpower. Finally, the scalability of the system increases the potential for double productivity with small capital investments.

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