Markforged Announces Shipment of 100th Metal 3D Printing System

Markforged Announces Shipment of 100th Metal 3D Printing System

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, December 04, 2018

The Boston-based 3D printer company, Markforged had announced that it had shipped, globally, over 100 metal 3D printing systems and is expecting to double the number by the end of this month. The two most essential elements for massive adoption of additive manufacturing are cost and, material selection and Markforged excels in both.

Founded in 2013 by Greg Mark, CEO, Markforged is known for revolutionizing manufacturing by inventing 3D printing process to build parts with the strength of Continuous carbon fiber. Many professionals like engineers, designers and manufacturers rely entirely on Markforged metal and composite printers for fixtures, tooling, functional prototyping and high-value end-use production. Also, Markforged has been selected by Forbes as one of the Next Billion Dollar Startups.

The company offers its machines at a fraction of the price of both traditional manufacturing and existing metal 3D printers; hence it’s cost-effective and beneficial for its customers. As it is low cost and can be installed quickly, its Metal X system has allowed engineers and other professionals to address their business needs. It is rapidly decreasing the repetitive cycles of traditional product development in order to accelerate time to market new innovative hardware. It also minimizes the chances of carrying low-turn inventory by printing aftermarket parts on-demand. It has simplified logistics and has also reduced shipping costs by sending the part designs directly to the printers regardless of their location. Markforged’s escalation is enabling the creation of new manufacturing business models. It is also serving tech giants and has gained prominence from global manufacturers to local manufacturers.

The company is also educating other organizations regarding the power of additive manufacturing. These 3D printers can be integrated at all stages of the manufacturing phase, from early prototypes to the end-use parts. Moreover, this product is affordable, durable and is a secure metal 3D printing and it is also reducing the barriers to any entry and opening up additive manufacturing to more and more companies.

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