Mobility Technology Fueling Manufacturing Workforce

Mobility Technology Fueling Manufacturing Workforce

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, February 15, 2019

Mobility Technology Fueling Manufacturing WorkforceThere is a current trend of data exchange and automation in the manufacturing industry. Advanced technologies including mobile devices, radio frequency identification, wearables, and automated systems are enabling this. Using the data provided by these technologies manufacturers are having an opportunity to boost output and achieve efficiency. The flexible mobile solutions can adapt to any workflow demands.

Manufacturing workers are constantly mobile whether they are navigating the shop floor on foot or transitioning between office, factory, and house. At this point, it becomes increasingly important that the technology they use is equally a mobile. For instance, providing employees with mobile computing devices equipped with a built-in barcode reader allows them to generate real-time inventory updates accurately.

Improved inventory tracking is a core component manufacturer needed for operational success. The rugged mobility technologies deliver a blend of manufacturing specific technology features including real-time location systems, RFID, barcode readers and many more that make it easy to capture, share and analyze information.

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Benefits of Mobility in Manufacturing

• Portability: Using mobile devices allow workers to conduct quality checks, alert of any problems of machinery and instantly updating job status on order.

• Real-time solutions: True situational awareness can decrease the time taken to react and can lead to increases in positive outcomes. Instant accessibility to an issue while in the field will allow the management team to act, improving outcomes and customer relationships as well.

• Increases worker productivity: Instead of repeatedly returning to a stationary workstation throughout the day, employees can perform tasks on the go.

• Precision monitoring: GPS locations in real time aid manufacturing organizations in assessing the logistics and identify where they are inefficient in freight management tasks.

When workers have the potential of fully connected technology with them, they can contribute to enhancing productivity, efficiency, and overall business growth.

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