Moxa SupervisesIIoT Security throughTXOne Networks

Moxa SupervisesIIoT Security throughTXOne Networks

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

Moxa Inc, an industrial communications and networking company, and Trend Micro, a global security organization have announced that they have accomplished a letter of intent to create a joint-venture corporation called TXOneNetworks which will function especially for the security of the present Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments such as smart city, smart manufacturing, and smart energy. The main owner in TXOneNetworks, Trend Micro, defined various challenges faced by the IIoT and its stakeholders and has been working on various aspects to improve the security of the ecosystem.

In most of the organizations, information technology (IT) and operation technology (OT) have been treated as isolated as well as single departments with different teams, requirements, and objectives. Companies are swarming with machines and devices that were not really intended for connectivity to the business network, which means that they often lack the capability to be easily updated or patched for security measures. It is critically important that these devices are secured urgently, identifying the ownership and providing a holistic view within the enterprise.

TXOne Networkscombines the strengths and responds to focus on the upcoming security needs of the industry. Today, factories need an integrated system to ensure more visibility towards both devices and protocols. IT and OT become more responsible here because those difficult environments are created with multiple layers which need security and safety that sits in between IT and OT. TXOne Networks can ensure network segmentation, build security gateways to control, secure, and provide much visibility to the operational technology and machines.

Generally, some solutions may focus only on protecting assets closer to the IT layer; apart from that, TXOneNetworks additionally has expertise close to the OT layer and provide much simpler system implementations to protect the industrial control systems (ICS). TXOneNetworks solutions will be headed by the Trend Micro Vice President and former CEO of Broadweb, Dr.Terence Liu. TXOne network solutions will also provide OT users to improve network infrastructure to get more IIoT opportunities.

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