Mura Technology Announces Partnership with KBR

Mura Technology Announces Partnership with KBR

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, January 20, 2021

KBR will provide Cat-HTR for the license to clients so they can efficiently recycle end-of-life waste plastic and convert it into a reusable feedstock.

FREMONT, CA: Mura Technology, the developer of a new ground-breaking technology potent of recycling all forms of plastic waste, announces a global partnership with KBR, a pioneering international provider of science, technology, and engineering solutions, to help the global development of its proprietary technology, Cat-HTR.

Plastic pollution is a pressing environmental issue today - approximately eight million tonnes of waste plastic ends up in the oceans every year1, and it is estimated that only 14 percent of global plastic packaging is gathered for recycling2, with the lost resource of plastic waste valued at over $80 billion per year. Where plastic is not reused, new virgin plastic must be produced to meet the need. This virgin plastic production already accounts for 6 percent of global oil production, set to increase to 20 percent by 20504, generating significant carbon emissions.

Cat-HTR technology is a world-first, advanced recycling process that leveraged supercritical steam to convert plastics back into the chemicals they were made. The supercritical steam acts like molecular scissors, cutting the longer-chain hydrocarbon bonds in the plastics to generate shorter-chain hydrocarbon products. These are then ready to produce new, virgin-grade plastic and other materials or sustainably reused in other sectors, like on roads. The Cat-HTR technology can recycle waste plastics, such as multi-layer, flexible plastic products like films, pots, tubs, trays, and another packaging that is incinerated or sent to landfill.

Cat-HTR can help eliminate plastic waste, recycling all types of plastic to create a truly circular economy, and limiting plastic from incineration, landfill, or polluting the natural environment. It can also cut carbon emissions; each tonne of plastic processed via innovative recycling saves 1.5 tonnes of CO2 than incineration. Mura Technology has partnered with KBR as its exclusive licensing partner to identify new markets for the technology and offer engineering and technical services and equipment to develop sites for clients. KBRs position at the forefront in providing innovative, game-changing technologies provides Mura Technology with world-class development opportunities within the global petrochemical sector.

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