Natural language processing: The Future Scope

Natural language processing: The Future Scope

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, August 08, 2019

Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the exciting components of artificial intelligence, (AI) is the combination of machine learning, AI, and linguistics that allows human to talk to machines. NLP uses computational and mathematical methods to analyze human language. And it is improving human-computer conversations at the most advanced levels.

The approaches are taken to NLP are based on deep learning, that examines and uses patterns in data to improve program’s understanding. Deep learning models work on massive amounts of data to identify relevant correlations and assemble the big data sets. Following are some of the ways how NLP is advancing the future by enhancing human-machines interactions:

Controlling unstructured data: NLP makes unstructured data understandable to machines. It also helps companies to have meaningful insights by analyzing customer feedback as emails, blog posts, queries. NLP reduces manual efforts and turnaround time significantly by managing real-time data feed and voluminous data.

Analyzing sentiment: This field is seeing a growth in the use of emotionally intelligent chatbots. Sentiment analysis is a powerful tool for providing better customer engagement and satisfaction. Some bots have adept at NLP in a way that its hard to distinguish them with a human. Bots use solutions to extract meaning from massages. 

Smarter search: NLP is making the searching pattern smarter. NLP allows a chatbot to understand a customer’s request and enable ‘search like you talk’ functionality. The searching does not need to focus on keywords or any subjects.

Intelligence gathering: NLP helps government security agencies by citing public safety and identifying harmful elements. It listens to suspicious conservations without invading people’s privacy. 

Healthcare recording: Physicians and healthcare providers spend more time by filling patients’ health records instead of providing medical consultation to patients. NLP can reduce the time of filling records by storing and dictating observations and details.

AI-powered NLP is changing the way of interactions human can ever think of. Different industries are enhancing NLP to grow in the competitions by introducing exciting prospects.   

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