New Features Added to Vendavo Enterprise Profitability Solutions

New Features Added to Vendavo Enterprise Profitability Solutions

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, March 27, 2020

Mitchell D Lee, Profit Evangelist

The EPS9 module is updated with new features to enhance the profitability and to improve performance and security.

FREMONT, CA: The provider of price management and optimization software for business-to-business companies worldwide, Vendavo, has introduced new features in their Vendavo Enterprise Profitability Solutions.

Vendavo is a combination of pricing science, pricing best practices, and best-in-class enterprise software. This combination delivers the best enterprise software. The company offers intelligent pricing solutions that assist clients in unlocking new profit areas and accelerating revenues. Vendavo EPS9 is well-equipped with latest versions of Profit Analyzer, Deal Manager, Deal Guide, Price Manager, Segmentation Manager, Price Optimization Manager, and Business Risk Alerts.

Vendavo continues to boost the Enterprise Profitability Solution suite to improve security, performance, interoperability, and integration with other applications – external systems like CRM and ERP. 

Mitchell D. Lee, Profit Evangelist at Vendavo says, “Having a pricing strategy is one thing - deploying it successfully is another.” Lee mentions that, with over 20 years of experience in B2B pricing for chemicals, distribution, high-tech and industrial manufacturing, the company provides cutting-edge solutions with deep industry expertise to provide clients with best practices in commercial processes.

The new features of Vendavo Enterprise Profitability Solutions are:

Modern browsers:

Earlier, to access Vendavo EPS9 modules Internet Explorer browser settings were required or in-compatibility view issues occurred. But with the new features of the solutions, now it will be accessible in both Chrome and Safari. It is made compatible with the browsers by rewriting the UI widgets to be HTML-5 and modern browser compatible.

Re-branded the solution:

The logo is updated with a new look and new logo. They have re-branded the solution, and more changes will be done in the later versions.

Made as a cost-saving tool:

Some adjustments are made with Enterprise Profitability Solutions to make it cost-saving for customers. By removing the dependency on 3rd party application servers and by switching to open JDK from Oracle JDK it has made pocket-friendly. Clients can use these tools to unlock new profit areas and accelerating revenues.

Turned into SDFC lightning compliant:

The EPS9 modules are now accommodating SFDC lightning.  Customers can access either Deal Guide or Deal Manager through SFDC. They have also enhanced SAP certifications for pricing guidance. They are adding more and more compliant to their pool.

Tuned up services:

The customers no more have to worry about choosing the version of Java to install on the server because now JDK can be packaged into the code. Vendavo EPS9 will provide security improvements and will also enhance performance.

Other features:

Other relevant features are added to different modules to improve the ability to do better analysis. Various features affixed with different modules.

VEPS9 is the perfect fit for the large companies which demand a highly configurable pricing solution. Vendavo is focusing on reducing common barriers in implementation and adoption. Vendavo is delivering scalable, enterprise CRM, and Pricing software solutions. The company always has a goal to help the clients be more profitable-pairing deep industry expertise with tools of improved pricing and commercial process excellence.

“We have the right tools and solutions to assist our clients in setting the right price, on the right product, to the right customer, no matter when or where they are buying.” Vendavo helps our clients be more profitable – pairing deep industry expertise with improved pricing and commercial process excellence, Mitchell D Lee concludes. Vendavo was featured in Manufacturing Technology Insight Magazine as one of the Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Providers 2018.

Vendavo is working on analyzing the margins, price, and profit opportunities to optimize price lists and to set policies to maximize margins and potential revenue on every business deal. The company is executing the contracts with excellent commercial strategies. The solution cluster of the company includes other solutions like intelligence pricing solution, packaged solution, intelligent sales solution, and solution extensions.

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