Olaf Tessarzyk Joins MiQ Partners As its Chief Executive Officer

Olaf Tessarzyk Joins MiQ Partners As its Chief Executive Officer

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, January 14, 2021

MiQ Partners introduces a new CEO for the leading company as it expands to meet growing market demands.

FREMONT, CA: One of the pioneering contract manufacturing firms in the US, MiQ Partners, appoints Olaf Tessarzyk as Chief Executive Officer to lead the company through a new age of market expansion and growth. Tessarzyk comes to MiQ Partners with proven experience in leading manufacturing companies to higher profitability by optimizing operational efficiencies, executing product launches, leading sales and partnership activities, and customer service and branding efforts.  

Most recently, Tessarzyk spent nearly 13 years leading a startup machine tool manufacturer, ZPS America, to exceeding profitability objectives in less than five years. Under his leadership, his team outsold competitors within just two years. As CEO of another manufacturing firm, he helped increase revenue by more than $50 million, a 280 percent increase, in less than three years.    After a wide search with a professional recruiting firm, the company is very excited to announce that Olaf Tessarzyk has come to MiQ Partners to lead an already promising company to new levels. His knowledge and leadership record in the manufacturing space is second to none.

Tessaryzks aims for MiQ Partners include expanding the company’s position and footprint as the leading manufacturing, build-to-print, and custom automation partner for medical, life sciences, aerospace, and other sectors. With locations in Ohio and California, MiQ Partners serves several firms while leading custom manufacturing to new efficiencies, innovative challenge solving, customer care, and production outcomes. 

MiQs staff consists of experts in several verticals who offer industry and manufacturing intelligence to assure projects meet production, timing, and budget goals. Vertical specialties include medical, life sciences, and aerospace.   Through collaborative partnerships with clients, developed on intelligence specific to verticals and manufacturing, MiQ maintains a high level of client satisfaction and repeat business, both of which are priorities to Tessarzyk.

Tessarzyks leadership approach is rooted in sound business principles and a military career for Germany, for which he held leadership positions starting at the age of 23. He has a degree in Economics and Business Management from the University of Hamburg, an advanced degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of The Federal Armed Forces, and Hamburg.

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