Omniqs Sensors Deployed At An Uruguayan District

Omniqs Sensors Deployed At An Uruguayan District

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, May 09, 2022

OMNIQ Corp. develops computerized and machine vision image processing solutions that use patented and proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology to provide data collection, real-time surveillance, and monitoring for supply chain management, homeland security, public safety, traffic, and parking management, and access control applications.

FREMONT, CA: Machine vision automates complex or mundane visual inspection tasks and precisely guides handling equipment during product assembly by utilizing sensors (cameras), processing hardware, and software algorithms. Positioning, identification, verification, measurement, and flaw detection are some of the applications.

OMNIQ said that it had been awarded a follow-up contract from a global leading high-end defense solutions enterprise to deploy OMNIQ’s AI-based Machine Vision solution in an Uruguayan district to provide a Safe District project. 

The project involves six municipal governments, including a well-known tourist destination. The successful project began about four years ago. Now local governments have decided to extend it by ordering additional systems from OMNIQ and upgrading with other new features offered by OMNIQ.

The Safe District project incorporates OMNIQ’s sensors with an AI-based Vehicle Recognition System, allowing control room operators to obtain real-time data from the field and alert law enforcement officials, including logistics and emergency personnel, based on the nature of the event.

OMNIQ's patented AI Neural Network-based algorithm can detect, analyze, and recognize patterns such as license plates and car models and make. As a result, the OMNIQ’s system is used in many sensitive areas worldwide for crime and terror prevention, law enforcement, access control, and parking automation.

The OMNIQ’s solution identifies all vehicles within the district boundaries, detecting those on the lookout, digitally signing each vehicle identified as a threat by OMNIQ’s AI, and providing authorities with proactive event management to create a safe city.

The OMNIQ’s Ai-based patented system is used worldwide for public safety, terror prevention, access control, and parking automation.

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