Omron Announces the Launch of Its New PC-Based FJ2 Machine Vision...

Omron Announces the Launch of Its New PC-Based FJ2 Machine Vision Cameras

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, September 07, 2020

New PC-based FJ2 cameras make it easy for manufacturers to incorporate machine vision into their existing systems while continuing to use industrial PC.

FREMONT, CA: Global automation leader Omron launches its new PC-based FJ2 machine vision cameras. This technology innovation and integration were made as part of Omron's recent acquisition of Sentech, which brought a variety of compact and high-res cameras into the Omron machine vision portfolio. As a highly flexible and scalable offering, the FJ2 camera system meets manufacturers' needs in enhancing traceability and quality control like vehicle body inspection, PCB inspection, and clinical laboratory specimen verification.

The latest FJ2 cameras have state-of-the-art complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) sensors, 282 frames per second (FPS), and resolutions spanning from 0.4MP up to 5MP in both monochrome and color versions. The FJ2s GigE interface offers power and communication through a single Ethernet cable and an I/O port. This meets the hurdles in situations when Power over Ethernet (PoE) is not an option or when additional I/O access is needed. For users seeking to use their own PC or industrial PC, the FJ2 is an ideal solution, as it permits up to 16 cameras to be connected to a single system. The FJ2 cameras are the continuation of the FJ line with the integration of the same software deployed in Omron smart cameras and complete vision systems.

Omron's powerful FZ-PanDA software suite offers robust, advanced image processing algorithms that include all tools from the FH Series vision system in a PC environment. It offers complete flexibility on graphical user interface (GUI) design, with the help of built-in graphic customization tools and options to fully customize the interface to specific manufacturing requirements.

As a highly flexible and scalable option, the FJ2 functions well for a broad range of applications and industries. Manufacturers needing full quality control can benefit from the new camera. For traceability applications, the FJ2 is the best option because it combines the ability to capture the unique ID of parts inspected with the image file and measurement data to allow quality control and process improvements.

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