ONETech Revamps Its MicroAI to be Embedded on MCUs

ONETech Revamps Its MicroAI to be Embedded on MCUs

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, August 10, 2020

Today, ONE Tech is providing the ability to train and run AI Models directly in MCU environments.

FREMONT, CA: ONE Tech, a pioneer in edge AI technology, announces its new functionalities to MicroAI Atom, a product in the company’s MicroAI portfolio. MicroAI Atom is developed to be embedded in microcontroller units (MCUs) and can now train and run AI models directly at the endpoint. This latest advancement allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), silicon manufacturers, smart device manufacturers, and smart device owners to mitigate the costs of bringing intelligence to the edge and endpoint by at least 80 percent.

With this added capability, MCU-based devices can now perform predictive maintenance at the network edge, which was previously available only on microprocessor units (MPUs). This advanced functionality allows manufacturers ranging from IoT devices/hardware to household appliances to industrial assets to offer varied product offerings.

Device equipment manufacturers and owners of the assets can now have AI-driven intelligence on a low-cost piece of hardware by bringing intelligence to endpoints, sensors, and equipment at the network edge. Advanced algorithms allow AI and predictive maintenance to move from MPU-based devices to MCU-based devices, with a small footprint and significantly reduced price point. This technology is the next evolution of IoT and AI at the network edge for manufacturers.

The IoT witnesses a drastic change over the years, market over the past several years. Early IoT solutions consisted of deploying sensors that would pull IoT data points for monitoring assets. This resulted in an influx of data that require further processing. The need for processing IoT data to allow automated action is becoming standard for IoT implementations.

AI models were previously trained in GPU server environments in the cloud. With ONE Techs MicroAI, AI can be trained and run in MPU environments. Unlike traditional AI solutions that reside only in the cloud, MicroAI is trained on the network edge. This allows real-time analytics and alerts that streamline asset performance, boost security and privacy, and enhance visibility and worker safety.

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