Parsable Amplify the Connected Worker Platform

Parsable Amplify the Connected Worker Platform

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, August 22, 2019

 Connected Worker PlatformThe enhanced Connected Worker platform will accelerate the work, strengthen the workers, and in turn will transform the companies.

FREMONT, CA: One of the best providers of the Connected Worker platform, Parsable, introduced several powerful product enhancements to strengthen and accelerate digital transformation for industrial companies. This new step will extend the platform's integration capabilities with other systems.

Connected worker platforms help industrial companies plan, schedule, and monitor complex manufacturing and supply chain operations across multiple locations and teams. This type of software enables companies to plan correctly and assign work orders and fosters collaboration and information sharing between employees.

A Connected Worker platform connects workers to other industrial systems to create a seamless and continuously measured process for executing work. A digital mobile-based application, Connected Worker Platform, allows workers to accomplish tasks and provide real-time feedback without the need for paper trails. These platforms have accelerators which can improve time-to-value for industrial companies.

To optimize business processes, Connected Worker Platform is used to capture a vast amount of knowledge and data carried out in industrial environments. Through this platform, workers can execute their work using modern, paperless, and digital work instructions on mobile devices.

Parsable is serving Corteva (Dow DuPont), Green Chef, Kitty Hawk, Schlumberger, Scientific Drilling, Silgan, Shell, TechnipFMC, Zume with its connected worker platform.

The features of the new platform consist of the following:

1. The new application system of the company enables the user to connect with other operation environments with the help of API integrations, easily communicating with other existing systems and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Applets will allow end-users to perform their jobs rapidly with confidence. Applets can also automate tasks like launching a job, sending notifications, etc.

2. A company can easily customize the app by redesigning and changing colors in the mobile app. Users can perform all the tasks within a platform.

3. Parsable will serve the users with a new and enhanced version of the web. It will help them to work smoothly and quickly.

4. Input triggers are meant to reduce confusion about the next step if any unexpected situation occurs. It makes the work execution more efficient.

Parsable is planning to provide the best digital tools through new connected workers platform to the desk-less industrial workers in a secure manner. It will help workers to bring out high productivity and quality to the market.



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