PathCoverage and TMg: Revolutionary Innovations in the 3D Printing...

PathCoverage and TMg: Revolutionary Innovations in the 3D Printing Industry

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, July 26, 2019

Dr. Frank Abdi, Founder, CEO & CTO

The advancing technology offers a complete solution for the 3D printing process, addressing the biggest challenges in manufacturing.     

FREMONT, CA: AlphaSTAR introduces the newest version of their additive manufacturing simulation suite, GENOA 3DP. AlphaSTAR, an advanced innovation provider for sectors like aerospace automotive, energy and defense, offers a unique technological family including AM software suite- GENOA 3DP, structural analysis solution- GENOA MS-PFA, and material modeling software, MCQ. 

Structurally, GENOA 3DP v9 features metal additive manufacturing in addition to polymer materials, with advanced capabilities, which now supports external mesh to perform process modeling simulation. These advanced capabilities also include calibration and prediction of temperature-dependent mechanical properties for polymers, which is critical to the additive manufacturing process. The newest release also supports Design of Experiment Surrogate Modeling Optimization, to optimize material and print process parameters for single or multi-objectives. The tool enables end-users to access material and process parameter sensitivities and reduce trial and error, which also saves material waste and engineering time. Dr. Frank Abdi, the CTO of AlphaSTAR says, “We are proud to announce the added capabilities of GENOA 3DP to address both metal and polymer 3D printing, and soon it will also address ceramic 3DP.”

The application is capable to precisely predict the deformation, residual stress, damage initiation and identify the voids, warpage, and other anomalies in 3D printing. The latest technology simultaneously adds two new modules- PathCoverge and TMg. Here, the GENOA 3DP PathCoverage offers the print path error management, visualizing and accounting the problematic regions of printed parts. Whereas, the GENOA 3DP TMg is a thermal management tool to quickly predict the thermal history, material states, dynamic evolution of melt-pool, and heat-affected zone. “One of the biggest challenges in additive manufacturing is the lack of complete understanding surrounding the thermo-structural behavior of advanced materials used in the 3D printing process,” explains Abdi.

The engineering services and software company,  AlphaSTAR  is featured among the Top 10 3D Printing Solution Providers by the Manufacturing Technology Insights. “AlphaSTAR’s unique capabilities are ready to address the 3DP market and assist engineers to address progressive challenges with confidence,” quotes Abdi. The company aims to focus on delivering advanced innovations to ease the customers’ challenges in 3D printing.  

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