Photoneo will soon launch 3D machine vision innovation at Automate...

Photoneo will soon launch 3D machine vision innovation at Automate 2019

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, March 22, 2019

Photoneo has announced to release its latest machine vision innovations and three-dimensional scanners at Automate 2019. The new release includes a web application called Bin Picking Studio, which is a software used to automate the bin picking processes. This software is exhibited in the form of a robot, demonstrating the applied sciences of AI and machine learning. The intelligent bot-based demo adds to the features of PhoXi, 3D Photoneo scanners combined with machine vision technology. 

The AI-based bin picking software is a full-fledged bin picking solution which is driven by not only robotics but machine vision and machine learning technologies as well. It is a complete automatic software system, which offers end to end assistance. PhoXi 3D scanners integrate high-quality specifications such as high definition and high-resolution lens, noise-proof screens with background filters, and large capacity data handling tools. Bin picking demo software features 3d localization, which is supported by an inbuilt locator.

AnyPick is another most awaited AI-based software system, which is again, a demo by the intelligent robots. This demo cell features the advanced concepts of computer-aided design (CAD). The easy to use and versatile demo software systems characterize high-performance, high-speed, and excellent efficiency. Photoneo’s specializations extend to provide tailored assistance in improving business automation services.

Photoneo is a leading 3D machine vision solution provider. Founded by a team of talented individuals, Photoneo envisions delivering rich user experiences through its enriched high-tech developments, which simplifies life with smart technology hacks such as automation and more. The rich portfolio of the firm highlights its unique 2D and 3D vision technologies. With the mission of contributing software revolutions to the world, Photoneo’s engineers use scientific studies and research to produce real-time solutions.      

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