Prototype Manufacturing at its Best

Prototype Manufacturing at its Best

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, February 07, 2019

3D printers use a projector and a special resin for the production of parts. A team at the University of North Carolina has developed computed axial lithography, a new way of producing 3D printed materials. In myriad ways to 3D print, stereolithography is one of the highest levels that draw layers using liquid photopolymer resin.

HLH Prototypes, a world-class manufacturing company started in 2008, focuses on rapid prototyping and production facilities such as CNC machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting, sheet metal, rapid tooling, and injection molding. It also offers customers with low-volume manufacturing solutions. Because of the efforts of Vader Yu and James Murphy, the company has propelled to heights. Recently, HLH Prototypes connects with China providing 3D printing, molding and machining solutions with high quality, affordability, and confidence.

CNC processing is a high-speed, high-precision process of production. The CNC is much needed in the manufacturing industry. CNC does not require human interference and the CNC parts produced by HLH Prototypes are much better to use than those traditionally productions. CNC machining prevents traditionally manufactured products from having disastrous consequences.

The company Spokesperson says, “CNC machining has been one of our areas of expertise for some time now and one that we've been able to excel in.” HLH Prototypes will manage 3D printing projects of all kinds. The company has the latest 3D equipment including SLS and SLA 3D printing services to provide its customers with a high-quality service.

The injection-molded parts used during production ensure speed and quality. HLH Prototypes have been involved in the supply of various steel or aluminium injection molds with greater flexibility and speed. The surface finish is the first thing to take into account to reduce costs and lead-time. The rapid CNC production team in the HLH prototypes helps its customers come up with cost-effective solutions.

HLH Prototypes also cooperates with the automation and robotics industries. The company offers solutions for several players such as Universal robots, Emerson and Honeywell. Each prototype produced in the company meets the expectations of the customer and provides the best results in processing.

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