Quintessential features of a digitally transformed supply chain

Quintessential features of a digitally transformed supply chain

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, May 16, 2019

Supply ChainFREMONT, CA: Empowering the business workflow by providing holistic operational insights supply chain helps industries in streamlining the processes, managing the inventory data, connecting the logistics, suppliers, consumers, manufacturers and the delivery partners, and ensuring fruitful business transactions. Enterprises are migrating to sufficiently advanced smart supply chains to achieve frictionless functioning of both the operational and administrative aspects of the business model. Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, cognitive computing, Machine Learning (ML), and more, are dramatically transforming the conventions of the supply chain; here are the must-have features of a fully digital supply chain, which are tailored for the changing needs of the industries.

• Agile functional strategies

In order to meet the ever-changing customer expectations, business demand supply chains which are responsive, highly adaptive and rightly predictive. Agility is the feature which adds the sense of immediacy to fuel the enterprise drive towards excellence. 

• Artificial machine-level cognition

Innovative supply chains comprise of an intelligence layer, which operates on the algorithms of cognitive computing, AI and ML technologies. Artificial cognition provides smart and analytical decision-making capabilities. By making use of blockchain and additive manufacturing concepts such as 3D printing, engineers have designed intuitive supply chain models, causing an exponential rise in the economics of the business.   

• Process optimization with automation

Evolving supply chain infrastructures support full-fledged automation features to achieve process fidelity, time and cost efficiency, and consumer satisfaction. Supply chain automation instantly analyzes and processes real-time data and organizes the workflow operations, which are auto-sequenced. 

Future proofing the trend of industrial workflow management, fully digitalized and intelligent supply chain is all set to reorient the dynamics of business processes. With this latest development in the supply chain sector, global corporate leaders are envisioning better and bigger returns.  

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