Redefining Production Metrics of ADAS Cameras through...

Redefining Production Metrics of ADAS Cameras through Technology-Backed Lifecycle Analytics Solutions

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, August 02, 2019

Michael Schuldenfrei, Technology Fellow

Highly specialized solutions that are driving the higher efficiency and reduction in scarp rates are here to enhance production lines and supply chains.  

FREMONT, CA: OptimalPlus, the leading lifecycle analytics company, has launched Lifecycle Analytics Solution for Advanced Drivers Assistance System (ADAS) cameras. With the use of insights gained from big data and machine learning, the new offering serves to make the production of ADAS cameras better. ADAS cameras are becoming integral to the automobile industry as they help in increasing road safety for drivers as well as autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles. With the newly launched analytic solution, manufacturers can improve product quality and optimize production. 

With the help of the lifecycle analytic solution, ADAS camera manufacturers can ensure better monitoring of the supply chain. This will make it possible to keep a tab on the reliability and standard of each electronic component. By providing a comprehensive view of the supply chain as well as the production operations, OptimalPlus increases efficiency. Manufacturers can utilize real-time insights on production to spot defective units and remove them immediately. This will help reduce scrap rates and drive optimization.     

The production of the highly complicated ADAS cameras involves the integration of separate components and sensors. These components are highly specialized, costly, and are sourced from various third-party manufacturers. The process of assembling the cameras is irreversible, and because of the complex nature, the chances of defective manufacturing are high. The defects are difficult to detect during the process of production, and faults are determined only when tests are done post-production. All of this leads to a lot of unpredictability and high costs. The analytics solution from OptimalPlus is designed to improve production performance and enhance reliability.  

“Our ability to run analytics at the edge device and take action in near real-time separates us in the market,” says Michael Schuldenfrei, Technology Fellow at OptimalPlus. The company understands that the level of automation in manufacturing is increasing and its analytics solutions are suited to collect and harmonize data so that errors are detected and automatic remedial actions and alerts are triggered. The highly reputed OptimalPlus bags a global recognition as one of the Top 10 Electronics Manufacturing Solution Providers, featured in Manufacturing Technology Insights. With its seamless analytics solutions, the company has been enhancing production efficiencies for the automotive, semiconductor, and electronics industries.       

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