Refining Shop floor Processes through Intelligent Poka Yoke

Refining Shop floor Processes through Intelligent Poka Yoke

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

The world realizes that Artificial intelligence (AI) can fully optimize any manufacturing environment. AI helps operators increase the accuracy and efficiency at the assembly line by keeping a watchful eye on the activities and pointing out issues that need to be addressed. Such an AI system can function as a “coaching network. In a coaching network, workers are constantly guided to increase their efficiency.

This can be compared to having the company of a digital assistant that would work with a sales representative while doing sales calls, offering suggestions and feedback in the process. While this is one form of coaching network, the other method is poka-yoke. 

Poka-Yoke is a Japanese term that means “mistake-proofing.” In the process of manufacturing, proofing from mistakes begins with the level of the operators. This plays an important role in saving time, energy, and resources. Although the possibility of AI making human presence archaic is sparse, it can be expected in the distant future. At the moment, AI can prove to be a tool for showing the path for humans to streamlining mental congruence and physical speed.

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By Howard Heppelmann, DVP & GM
Connnected Manufacturing, PTC [NasdaqGS:PTC]


Intelligent Poka-Yoke is a form of coaching network that help works on the assembly line by acknowledging that when directed properly, human attention and skills are far more significant compared to machines. Using Intelligent Poka Yoke, the decision-making ability and flexibility of humans can be combined with the accuracy of machines.

While a pattern has proven the point that the there is a surge in “lower than median computer usage” in comparison to above the median, intelligent poka-yoke can prove to be the next level in human-machine collaboration.



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