Revamping Industries with AI-driven Technologies

Revamping Industries with AI-driven Technologies

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, January 14, 2019

AI has today grown to helping firms make significant decisions at a quick pace. AI also includes machine learning which analyzes a large amount of data, learns overtime with less probability of mistakes than a human analyst. As the demand for AI increases, its processes become more efficient in understanding data patterns; Thus, AI established automation of intelligent, analytical and clear thinking. These help organizations to understand their target audience and gain insights into their behavior.

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Manufacturers can get enormous benefits through AI, machine learning, and robotics but they must take a step forward to overcome the fear that is holding them back. AI engineers have developed system tools that automatically conduct and compress data in a matter of minutes. AI and ML along with big data help computers analyze the data and make predictions. Neural networks, deep learning, and smart contractors are few of the AI means that help organizations achieve compliance regulations. In the manufacturing industry, there are thousands of sensors that collect enormous data, be it the equipment status update or the feedback from consumers. The operators can use this data to make better decisions through AI. The center for policy studies says that there are only 71 robots for every 10,000 employees in the manufacturing industry. So, there is a need to adopt more robots in the manufacturing industry. AI is disrupting several industries, but banking is projected to highly benefit from AI adoption. To overcome many traditional banking problems, banking industries is pressing on the AI-based solution. Analysts predict that, by 2030, AI is estimated to save more than $1 trillion for the banking sector.

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AI in home automation learns about people’s living habits, and accordingly, enables appliances to take smart and informed decisions. The idea of a machine operating on humans has been intimidating enough for years. But as soon as it became a reality, the world has realized that AI has the power to achieve much more. It’s high time that the manufactures of today understand the relevance and invest in right technology as well as human resources to stay competitive in the market.

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