Revolutionizing Workplace with Virtual Reality and Artificial...

Revolutionizing Workplace with Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

The world has witnessed the advent and growth of virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI), and the difference it has brought in different industries in recent years. While VR was associated primarily with simulations related to video games and military and defense, it has now expanded into entertainment industry. With the introduction of AI into it, VR uses the algorithms and programs to drive operational workflow and improve user experience.   

Virtual office space is playing an important role today by providing options of hosting meetings, conferences and other intra-office interactions in a digital office space. Within certain meetings the VR program offers the option to share data and work on it in a virtual space. With technologies such as LookVR, one can make changes and edit data such as graph and other visual representations, with a futuristic effect from a virtual headset. In the days to come, machine learning in combination with AI and VR are set to make working from a virtual environment—a reality.   

The VR technology transforms simulations to give unique immersive experiences. For instance, medical professionals find it advantageous to use simulations to perform virtual surgery before the real-time surgery. This technology has helped in training and practice, hence being able to improve precision and efficiency of the medical industry. Organizations that manufacture operation theatre furniture are starting to take these advancements in mind to cut down the products that are less effective. The use of simulations increases the preparedness of surgeons toward unforeseen circumstances.

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