Rockwell Automation and Microsoft Extend Collaboration to Drive...

Rockwell Automation and Microsoft Extend Collaboration to Drive Transformation

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, October 12, 2020

Microsoft is pleased to deepen its already strong, decade-long relationship with Rockwell Automation to help businesses simplify industrial transformation, boost business outcomes and innovate with agility.

FREMONT, CA: Rockwell Automation and Microsoft Corp announce a five-year partnership expansion to develop integrated, market-ready solutions that support industrial customers enhance digital agility through cloud technology. By integrating each company’s expertise in the industrial and IT markets, teams can collaborate more seamlessly, allowing industrial organizations to save on infrastructure costs, speed time-to-value, and boost productivity.

Microsoft and Rockwell are working to offer innovative edge-to-cloud-based solutions that connect data between development, operations and maintenance teams through a singular, trusted data environment. This will enable development teams to digitally prototype, configure and partner without investing in costly physical equipment. This unified information environment also allows IT and OT teams to securely access and share data models across the organization and with their ecosystem of partners.

The companies have co-developed over 20 use cases across Food & Beverage, Household and Personal Care and Life Sciences industries. The solutions born from this partnership will augment and improve their current offerings. This partnership provides Rockwell Automation and Microsoft customers with a holistic, simple solution for IIoT development and operations and eliminates data silos that hinder industrial digital transformation initiatives. By eliminating hurdles to automation initiatives, industrial organizations establish a digital thread connecting the entire enterprise, which in turn speeds up innovation, maximizes productivity and streamlines operations.

Rockwell team has seen the preview release of this new solution and are excited about the collaboration between its strategic partners. Moving data from its on-premise assets securely with context and providing new workflows for it to analyze and drive better outcomes is important to maintaining high standards across its many plants globally. Organizations can access Rockwell Automation solutions now through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace with more solutions in development. The next phase of co-innovation solutions will be available to joint customers of Rockwell Automation and Microsoft customers in Q1 2021 at Automation Fair At Home.

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