ScanCAD Releases Upgraded Core Software, 8.80

ScanCAD Releases Upgraded Core Software, 8.80

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, March 19, 2020

William F. Loving, CEO & President

The recently released ScanCAD core software release, 8.80 enables an innovatively new, totally redesigned user experience by providing an intuitive, simple and efficient interface regardless of the work flow.

FREMONT, CA: The 8.80 is software by ScanCAD International Inc. ScanCAD is an American enterprise which provides a wide range of services and products to more than 1,000 companies in over 49 nations. The firm has its base in Colorado, U.S. Besides, the company has its presence in several other locations including Florida, Michigan and Europe.

“ScanCAD embraces digital twin, the link between virtual and real, unleashing creativity and innovation combined with manufacturing quality and reliability,” says William F. Loving, President & CEO, ScanCAD.

The Features:


The job portion which appears on the major screen is exclusively for job selection and creation operations. The New button empowers users to create a new job in the already loaded job directory.

Further, the Browse button ensures that a user can browse and load a directory. When a directory is chosen, new jobs would be created by the software within that directory or/and load all job options pertaining to that directory. Also, the Recent function makes it possible to locate and opt for recent jobs.

Active Job and Active Job Information

The Active Job appearing on the screen empowers users to classify which job in the present directory is loaded and can execute a variety of actions on that particular job.

The Active Job Information available on the screen is created in such a way that it can present crucial information to users including currently loaded directory besides job components.


The novel preview window is created to make available to users insights into the aspects of each layer. A preview image would display the contents of each of the layers opted in the Active Job panel.

Toolbar & Menus

The toolbar icons have undergone changes in size and overhauled to enhance appearances and clarity.

Except a few noticeable changes with respect to export type, copy, solder mark etc, the Menus have undergone minimal changes.

ScanCad International has been featured by the Manufacturing Technology Insights Magazine as one of the top 10 Machine Vision Solution Providers 2018.

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