Secure Cloud Faxing for the Manufacturing Industry

Secure Cloud Faxing for the Manufacturing Industry

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Faxing is a secure way to communicate with suppliers, clients and partners for manufacturers. But as with any manual paper process, there are probabilities for the documents getting lost and processes being slowed down by poor connections. Apart from this manufacturing companies are facing the challenges from competitors to cut costs and respond more quickly to orders. Often, the weak link identified in the chain is the traditional fax system.

Cloud faxing can help manufacturers at this point. Secure online faxing speeds up the faxing process by automating sorting and filing of incoming and outgoing faxes. Faxes can be delivered digitally to email inboxes so that new orders can be received and processed faster. It requires no faxing hardware or software but only integrating the system to the existing digital workflow. The result is a faster and more efficient workflow maximizing profits with a minimum cost.

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The competitive advantages cloud faxing can offer to manufacturers include

1. Faster responding to customers and new business:

There is an increased demand from customers for ever shorter shipping processes, putting added pressure on manufacturers. A traditional desktop fax system will not be sufficient for a timelier operation which will result in a negative customer experience. Embracing cloud services can provide a solution for this pain point. Cloud fax solutions will empower receiving, reviewing, editing, signing and sending secure fax documents by emails.

2. Streamlining operations and boosting productivity:

Cloud based faxing does not rely on physical machinery which will eliminate a lot of unnecessary expenses including regular maintenances and repair. It does not need paper, electricity and toner.

3. Fool proof security for documents:  In manufacturing sector documents including purchase orders, shipping notices, invoices, and request for proposal responses are transmitted by fax for security reasons. But a cloud based fax infrastructure provides unrivaled data security.

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