Securing Enterprises with Advanced Threat Analytics

Securing Enterprises with Advanced Threat Analytics

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, April 15, 2019

Cybersecurity is a business risk that goes far beyond IT. Board members of companies are increasingly concerned about protecting the valuable assets and operational equipment of their organizations that may be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Enterprises need to sit up and take note of the current dynamic cyber environment and proactively take preventive action.

Dragos is a leading provider of industrial cybersecurity. Recently, the company released version 1.4 of its Dragos Platform. This platform is an industrial cybersecurity software that codifies threat analytics to provide operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) practitioners with visibility of ICS assets and prescriptive procedures to respond to opponents.

Also, the Dragos Platform comprises customer feedback from existing deployments as well as data from the Dragos Threat Operations Center. It uses this platform to assess and detect cybersecurity threats in industrial organizations across several advanced manufacturing sectors.

The Dragos Platform is designed on the basis of its DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) capabilities for the visibility of ICS assets and threats. DPI capabilities allow contextual depth protocol analysis, providing accuracy and speed in identifying thousands of assets. This characterization enables evaluations of normal or abnormal usage and communication patterns required for automated asset identification and threat detection.

Dragos Platform v1.4 further supports asset visibility with new geographic map views to locate and understand industrial assets in addition to its existing DPI capabilities. It also provides enhancements for threat detection and answers through new content packs and productivity enhancements for analysts. The latest content packages include new threat behavior analytics, customized investigation playbooks, device fingerprints, and ICS protocols to speed up response time for analysts and reduce dwelling time. Usability and productivity improvements of security analysts include new pivoting and filtering options to navigate and improve workflows throughout the application.

With the new Dragos Platform version 1.4, the company has enhanced the Dragos Platform's user experience and accessibility—allowing increased visibility of industrial environments, faster insight into the health and status of deployed sensors. Also, it provides a more in-depth understanding of industrial assets and the ICS threat landscape.'

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