Security Monitoring with Real-time Visibility into Threats

Security Monitoring with Real-time Visibility into Threats

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, March 04, 2019

A leading cybersecurity managed services provider VirtualArmour International Inc. has won a new managed threat intelligence contract with a global chemical manufacturer and VirtualArmour’s long term client. This involves the provision of managed services and software worth $2.8 million over three years. VirtualArmour's comprehensive solution enables large security data sets to be ingested and correlated and provides security monitoring and full visibility of the threat landscape. The MSSP solution of VirtualArmour uses a variety of technologies to manage, monitor, and maintain customer safety systems and prevent safety violations. This enables the team of expert analysts to actively investigate safety threats, to alert the customer of a safety risk within 15 minutes of detection and to conduct infringement analysis. This enables users to identify security threats actively.

VirtualArmour provides customized solutions to assist companies in the building, monitoring, maintaining, and securing their networks. The company advises and serves customers 24/7 with teams of specialists located in the U.S. and UK security operations centres. In several industrial sectors, in more than 30 countries of five continents, VirtualArmour offers a wide range of solution to its customers which include some of the Fortune 500 companies too. VirtualArmour provides leading hardware and software solutions that are sophisticated, scalable, and backed up by leading-edge customer service and experience through partnerships with leading technology providers. The company’s CloudCastr client portal and prevention platform offers customers unparalleled access to threat levels, infringement prevention, and global network security in real-time. The unique CloudCastr technology also includes threat intelligence―a detailed overview of customer safety applications and data regarding all threats currently detected, as well as their associated severity ratings that provide information about device health, threat mapping, and support ticketing. Threat intelligence service offers a '10k foot' view over the global security situation and mapping of current threats through the CloudCastr portal.

Most Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms have a default security policy in place, but the experience of VirtualArmour in managing such technologies enables to write hundreds of custom rules that guarantee the least possible false positive rate of abnormal behavior. Alerts are then contextualized and infused with threat intelligence through additional event information within the SIEM. In the SIEM environment, VirtualArmour uniquely designs and manages all regulations and policies based on client needs.

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