Siemens Unveils Advanced MES Solution: Camstar Electronics Suite...

Siemens Unveils Advanced MES Solution: Camstar Electronics Suite Software

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, February 12, 2019

CamstarTM Electronics Suite software recently made its way into the industry when Siemens unveiled it to the world. The innovative manufacturing execution system (MES) is a successor of the enterprise-level platform for integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing. It is a robust, scalable, and configurable MES solution that optimizes direct IoT connection with machines and production lines. This empowers printed circuit board (PCB) and box assembler to achieve traceability goals, enhance operational efficiency, and control manufacturing operations. Manufacturing executions, quality management, planning and scheduling, material management, and manufacturing intelligence are some other capabilities that the MES solution withholds.

Siemens integrated Camstar Electronics Suite with its existing smart manufacturing for electronics portfolio to expand the digital thread empowering electronics companies to align their digital strategies with Industry 4.0. Manufacturers are privileged to shorten their production cycles to the required for meeting increasing customer demands and quality requirements through quick response to design modifications and closing the loop between shop floor and engineering. Electronic manufacturers are facilitated with faster time to market while making improvements to compete in the ever-evolving consumer-driven marketplace.

Expanding its digital innovations platform has always intrigued Siemens PLM Software which now resulted in collaboration between Siemens’ manufacturing operations management (MOM) software and Mentor technology leading of creation of a unique product.   The solution covers a complete end-to-end mechatronics manufacturing process. Camstar Electronics Suite enables faster streamline change cycles by allowing seamless product and business data flow across ERP, product lifecycle management, and shop floor execution through an integrated digital thread. This single data source in tandem with closed loop feedbacks received from production to design and engineering departments can throughput enhanced quality standards and shorter NPI process and go-to-market time.

According to, Hermann Kraus, MES project lead at Siemens Fürth Camstar Electronic Suite has introduced a value layer which could never be achieved with the existing disconnected tools, even if customization is integrated to them. Additionally, its deployment across the assembly lines simplified with the inclusion of Valor IoT data accusation in the suite.  The new electronics suite development benefits Siemens itself as they have advanced operational factories to act as early adopters of Siemens innovations.

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