Significance and Tips For Enhancing Industrial Security

Significance and Tips For Enhancing Industrial Security

Laura Davis, Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, October 29, 2020

Technological advancements are transforming the industrial workflow resulting in the era of Industry 4.0. Industrial organizations from all around the world have embraced the cutting-edge technologies wholeheartedly. Consequently, industrial security has become one of the major concerns for the domain as it is essential for digital manufacturing. Data generated from the industrial IoT devices is essential for improving the digital manufacturing standards and it is equally important to secure the same.

Data is the fuel for the future. All processes and sectors stride towards data-driven strategies alike the manufacturing industry. Hackers are always exploring to breach the security and lay their hands on the data. Digital manufacturing improvements depend completely over the information collected from IoT devices, surveys, social media campaigns, and customer feedbacks as its deep analysis enable organizations to understand the market requirements. Also, data acquired from IoT devices is crucial for predictive maintenance through which unplanned down-times can easily be avoided leading to cost-effective production.

Predicting trends and providing customer satisfactory services are two game changers that give industrialist an edge in the competition which only is possible because of data. More the data better the services and solutions, as an outcome, data security, privacy, and storage has become a priority for the IT department. For this, IT professionals need to upgrade their security systems with the latest solutions and gadgets.

Nowadays, IIoT devices have an in-built security layer that prevents breaches at the initial stage. ISPs also have started to provide security software packages that hold the capability to tackle cyber threats. Organizations must keep these packages up-to-date as the threats keep evolving with time. Artificial intelligence technology can be incorporated in the industrial networking solutions for real-time enhanced security. AI enables systems to detect threats in real-time and build a solution against them for the future. 

Industrial network solutions can also be improvised by hiring a CSO, who has deep knowledge of the security concerns and market requirements. Proper implementation and optimal use of security assets can also be governed by a security officer resulting in continuous, productive, and efficient digital manufacturing. 

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