Significance of IIoT for Construction Industry

Significance of IIoT for Construction Industry

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) is now here. Many organizations across various industry verticals have been using it widely. The construction industry can also hugely gain with the use of IoT as the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). IIoT provides an ideal platform for construction companies to use intelligent technologies and processes like machine learning, big data, sensor data, M2M communication, and automation.

Several construction companies suffer from a lack of lack of operational visibility and complex processes. IIoT plays a crucial role in improving visibility, boosting operational efficiency, enhancing productivity, and reducing the complexity of the processes by merging the information and operational department of the construction companies. According to a report by ON World, there will be 650 million industrial wireless sensor network devices for industrial automation, agriculture, logistics, construction, and related industrial markets by 2027.

Here are a few advantages of IIoT for constructors:

Predictive maintenance: Predictive maintenance has true potential to disrupt many outdated industrial practices with the help of IoT devices. It can help companies in saving huge amounts of money and resources. IIoT sensors that are mounted on the construction equipment transmit real-time data, which is used by machine learning algorithms to predict the health of a machine. These algorithms can predict maintenance requirement for equipment well in advance, helping companies to operate without any hindrances.  Predictive maintenance platforms use various sensor data points like vibration, temperatures, currents, and voltages to provide an accurate maintenance report.

Improved worker safety: Ensuring worker safety is the biggest concern for construction companies. Many fall detector apps can be installed on a worker’s smartphone to send an alert in case of any mishap. These apps work in the background and notify a set of contacts in the event of a fall.

Real-time reporting: IIoT devices can send real-time information about the progress of a construction site, with the help of various internet-connected devices like BIM, drone footage, and internet connected video cameras. This information helps people in the offices to monitor the operations remotely in real-time.

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