Sinequa Collaborates with vdR Group to Enhance its Intelligent...

Sinequa Collaborates with vdR Group to Enhance its Intelligent Search Network

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, February 15, 2021

Sinequa partners with vdR Group to improve its robust and intelligent search network, which is already trusted by some of the largest producers in the world.

FREMONT, CA,: Sinequa, a pioneer in intelligent search, partners with vdR Group, a leading supplier of engineering, manufacturing, and AEC solutions. Sinequa has constructed a robust integration with CADnection, one of the critical solutions of the vdR Community, emphasizing digital driving transformation. The collaboration will improve Sinequa's robust and intelligent search network, which is already trusted by some of the world's largest producers.

Errors and delays in manufacturing come at a hefty price. To make informed decisions to create optimal designs initially, the engineers must have access to the relevant details. They spend hours or even days digging through several repositories, references, and systems to do this, only to find partial, outdated, or even incorrect data. With Sinequa's Intelligent Search Platform, all in one venue, employees access mission-critical information wherever they reside and regardless of format. By raising employee productivity, increasing output, and eliminating redundant work, Sinequa drives measurable performance improvements.

Computer-aided design (CAD) models are rich in data. They depict intellectual property, design intent, spatial relationships, considerations for buying, standards for quality and inspection, production processes, changing history, and more. The integration of Sinequas with CADnection activates this data, making it completely accessible, alone, or in combination with other organizational information. 

"Sinequa and vdR share the belief that highly complex manufacturing organizations need a highly intelligent search tool, and we are excited to partner with them to build on our fast-growing momentum in the manufacturing industry. Sinequas platform has created entirely new ways for employees to make better, more informed decisions," said Xavier Pornain, Senior Vice President, North America at Sinequa. "Given the complex nature of CAD models, using text to find images is a challenge that CADnection solves. This is a tremendous added value for our customers."  

"This combined solution has been years in the making," said Martin Van Der Roest, President of vdR Group. "It is the exciting convergence of powerful technologies, including CAD model data extraction and enrichment, browser-based 2D and 3D visualization, search, natural language processing and AI. We are thrilled to be partnering with Sinequa to deliver on the unmet needs sought after by engineering and manufacturing organizations."

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