Skyland Releases Advanced Version 3.1 for Life Science Industry

Skyland Releases Advanced Version 3.1 for Life Science Industry

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, March 19, 2020

Robert M. Di Scipio, CEO

Skyland PIMS Version 3.1 enables advanced connectivity, analytics, user tools, manufacturing, and rapid access to data.   

FREMONT, CA: Skyland Analytics released the new version of  Skyland PIMS, a global data collaboration platform. Skyland PIMS version 3.1 expands PIMS external source connectivity, data contextualization, analytics, and control charting capabilities.

Founded in 2015, Skyland Analytics develops intuitive, cloud-based, SaaS data analytics, and data management solutions for the life science sector. Skyland PIMS is the ideal software-of-choice for product, process, and patient data management in complex drug development and manufacturing operations.

Considering the business requirements, compliance obligations and reliance on external partners, market sectors like cell and gene therapy and biotech are getting the added advantage from PIMS' validatable, CFR part 11 compliant, intuitive workflows.

Skyland PIMS works by breaking down data silos and ensuring data merging among internal teams as well as external partners from the beginning till the end of development and the production supply chain by being a master repository for the research and analysis of the product, process, patient, clinical, and quality data. Version 3.1 can enable quick implementation and a low cost investment data hub, which can be used by teams to develop and manage process definitions, establish batch status transparency and manage control limit specifications.

Skyland PIMS works by transforming the data into shared, actionable insights by generating reports which provide advanced visibility, good knowledge, and control of the process and product performance.

"Skyland PIMS 3.1 not only simplifies the aggregation of data but provides another level of data integrity needed to address increased regulatory scrutiny," said Joe Ruth, Skyland's Chief Software Architect.

"Connectivity and proprietary data contextualization enhancements combined with additional charting and reporting allows customers to quickly define and control data sets across systems and extract more value from their product, process, and patient data," he added.

Skyland Analytics was recognized by Manufacturing Technology Insights as one of the Top 10 Consulting Providers 2016. 

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