Skyrocketing Manufacturing Productivity and Efficiency with Smart...

Skyrocketing Manufacturing Productivity and Efficiency with Smart Maintenance

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, July 26, 2019

Smart MaintenanceSmart manufacturing is transforming the competition on a global level through connected devices that optimize productivity, and efficiency by lowering the machine downtime.

FREMONT, CA: The world is moving forward with the smart machinery, connected networks, and intelligent environment to evolve smarter- turning data into intelligent and actionable insights.  Modern manufacturing, with the involvement of intelligent technology, is sea changing the way big enterprises used to produce or manufacture. With this maintenance has become significantly important in the modern manufacturing environment. There is a need to adopt suitable technology to make it more superior and feasible on a timely basis. The latest revolution that manufacturers currently experience requires a new maintenance routine to keep assets working together.

The purpose of maintenance in manufacturing is to ensure that all the machinery required for productions are operating at full-level efficiency all the time. The maintenance process should be regular, that can ensure smooth manufacturing. Machine, sensors, and cloud technology is making it possible to maintain the manufacturing unit in a cost useful yet timely manner.

Sensors, machine, connected network, cloud, and the internet is allowing manufacturers to warn of potential failures and eliminate the error before machinery stop production. Manufacturing safety and maintenance require smart plant instrumentation. Intelligent information management is the best solution for optimizing industrial and manufacturing plant maintenance. The process includes sensors, big data, cloud-based network connected with smart devices involving the consistent storage and retrieval of accurate information.

The procurement of new equipment to ensure product quality, maintenance is also essential at all levels of processes. It is clear that maintenance is necessary, but it does cost a lot of money, and manufacturers are always interested in lowering the maintenance cost. Technology solutions can bring maintenance and price together. Many have already adapted to the new technology environment with the cloud and sensor-based technology solutions.

Manufacturing floors are more high-tech than ever meaning that they need high-tech tools and technology to take care of their assets. With valuable best practices and insightful metrics, manufacturers can create a plan for success with a focus on overall equipment effectiveness and extending the life of the machinery.

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