Steps to Improve Cyber Security of SCADA Networks

Steps to Improve Cyber Security of SCADA Networks

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, August 28, 2020

The best practice when deploying a SCADA system to manage entry at sites is to join it into the present remote monitoring networks to reduce complications and costs.

FREMONT, CA: Over the last few years world have discovered their critical infrastructures too vulnerable to cyber attacks due to the increasing attention in cybersecurity matter and attacks to SCADA systems. SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is the industrial control system used for the control and monitor of industrial processes. It is typically present in all those potential targets of a cyber attack LIKE critical infrastructures or a utility facility. It is important to make sure that the data is private and that only authorized people can access the SCADA devices. The following strategies focus on specific actions to be taken to increase the security of SCADA networks. Top 10 Manufacturing Coating Solution Companies - 2020

• Protect LAN

The first SCADA attack prevention strategy involves securing the SCADA communications commute. At individual sites, individual sensors gather values from inputs and outputs, which are referred to as SCADA points. These values are transferred from individual sensors, which forwards these SCADA communications to the central master station. SCADA networks utilize a multitude of ways to conduct these communications. To ensure SCADA security, firms could potentially extend their secure LAN to all of their remote sites.

• Radius Authentication and SSL Encryption

Communications between the main office and remote access points are a critical part of a network monitoring system. Without the ability for a technician to access the database of alarms and activities, or for the administrator to edit permissions and usage restrictions, the firm may be attempting to run a SCADA system with no visibility. While allowing wide-open access from across the network is impossible, firms have tried to implement various security measures to verify the user attempting to gain access. That's where the RADIUS feature steps in. Network operators are concerned that SCADA network equipment is vulnerable to Internet-based attacks. One of the best practices is to protect the SCADA system equipment from open Internet access.

• Physical Site Security

Handling SCADA network security is more than just making sure that everyone on the network has the correct firewall or antivirus implemented. Managing the SCADA network's security also means protecting the network's physical resources and ensuring that hardware-based security devices are always up and running.

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