Sualab will introduce the advanced machine vision update at...

Sualab will introduce the advanced machine vision update at Automate 2019

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, March 21, 2019

Sualab will soon launch the updated version of SuaKit software at Automate 2019. SuaKit is a software library system, which is a machine vision application compliant, working on the principles of deep learning. This product will incorporate the new iteration of machine vision technology.

The upgraded version updates the existing software ecosystem of the product to support a method called continual learning, which enables deep learning by employing the previously trained models. Alongside, the new update includes options such as multi-image analysis, which is a way to process multiple images at a single go by treating them as pairs, and a data analysis tool for uncertain data values, which helps in classifying data according to the standardized sets. The powerful combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning supporting deep learning, machine vision, and imaging technologies produces a hybrid vision inspection solution. The update caters to the quick and efficient process management requirements. Automating the deep learning library by leveraging the recent innovations of machine vision, SuaKit promises quality and accuracy along with extending its features to solve almost all the practical challenges.

The advanced SuaKit version 2.1 is specially developed to add to the functionality such as image compression, visual indicator and labeler, detection systems modeled with built-in parameters, visual debugger, and more, which the previous version served. The updated product helps in carrying out complex tasks and processes in a smart and simple way. The high-tech update will be launched at Automate 2019 shortly. 

Sualab is a leading deep learning solution provider, which has its expertise in the field of machine vision. Contributing to the world with its advanced and high-tech machine vision and imaging concepts, Sualab is known for crafting updated software models and designing specialized inspection tools related to deep learning. Envisioning creating a world, which is driven by technology to automate the tedious manual efforts, Sualab excels at innovating vision inspection tools based on deep learning and machine vision.       

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