Suzano Joins with SOSA and CNI to Boost Industrial IoT Capabilities

Suzano Joins with SOSA and CNI to Boost Industrial IoT Capabilities

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Suzano will participate in a four-month-long program for SOSA, which will focus on finding development prospects and then implementing new technologies in Industrial IoT for the company.

FREMONT, CA: SOSA, the international open innovation firm, teams up with The Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI) and Suzano, the worldwide eucalyptus pulp producer renowned for creating some of the world's leading bio-based products. To further advance its Industry IoT efforts and boost the company's "innovalability," Suzano has teamed up with SOSA and CNI to do so.

“Our Open Innovation journey has increasingly allowed us to establish successful partnerships with important agents of the Innovation ecosystem, in order to generate and share value both with our partners and with society, based on the development of sustainable solutions. With SOSA's expertise, we hope to advance towards a leading role in industry 4.0, with technologies that improve our processes, boost our productivity, accelerate our digital transformation and contribute to the bioeconomy”, says Fernando Bertolucci, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Suzano.

Suzano is putting more effort into the Industrial IoT as it strives to increase operational efficiency and environmental responsibility along the company's production chain. Suzano will better utilize its resources and reduce waste and pollution by strengthening its industrial IoT and detecting possibilities with improved data. In the process, Suzano will be providing a helping hand to Brazil, intending to improve its global standing on the environment and bioeconomy.

“Working with Suzano presents a unique opportunity to enable disruptive and sustainable technologies with a global industry leader that is already part of the lives of over 2 billion people through its products,” says Uzi Scheffer, CEO of SOSA.

SOSA and CNI will work together to implement a four-month corporate open innovation initiative for Suzano. Suzano will prioritize its open innovation operations by putting its cross-functional business units in various world regions to broaden its global network.

The corporate innovation program will have the following components:

A proactive and carefully curated approach for exploring and validating use-case-appropriate technology based on an overall goal.

Finding new technologies that Suzano's team members can use to embrace existing and develop new solutions.

Investing in test pilots, various implementations, and even investigations and finances.

“The CNI+SOSA partnership reinforces our efforts in promoting open innovation as a competitive strategy, offering a faster and more effective path for the insertion of companies of all sizes and sectors in global value chains. We are certain that Suzano will obtain relevant results through the collaborative processes of open innovation. For us, it is an honor to support Suzano on this journey”, says Gianna Sagazio, Head of Innovation at CNI.

SOSA focuses on dealing with the problems Suzano is now facing and finding further ways for Suzano to improve its manufacturing procedures by using intelligent sensors.

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