TeamSense-A Perfect Workforce Management Partner

TeamSense-A Perfect Workforce Management Partner

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, July 14, 2020

With TeamSense, manufacturers dealing with workers who work on an hourly basis can be monitored well amid the COVID outbreak.

FREMONT, CA: Fortive Corporation and Pioneer Square Labs have recently integrated TeamSense, the premier company by their joint innovation studio, with a vision to create new enterprise right from the ground level in the present industrial technology arena. TeamSense is a secure and transformational solution that helps employers with a workforce working on an hourly basis to maintain security needed during the COVID-19 times and beyond.
The mobile-based software offers a secure and simplified solution to enable users to self-report signs and symptoms and then take impactful steps in accordance with the organizational policies framed by the respective workplaces.

The new solution offers company directors and front-line supervisors with easy-to-use dashboards and day by day rosters to monitor document, and save the data pertaining to the health conditions of the employees. The application features a permissions-based framework, which is designed to guard worker privacy whilst preserving the confidentiality of managers, HR groups and Environment, Health and Safety (EHS).

TeamSense is perfectly made by keeping all the new rules and guidelines in order to cater to the safety environment and culture that COVID-19 has surfaced. The new solution makes the management of a large number of hourly employees easy and precise. TeamSense especially helps in limiting the complexities of operations during and with COVID-19 and to ensure work safety, effectiveness, and efficiency.

TeamSense devises various opportunities to preserve worker group security and connectedness. Working with a business of any size, dimension, vertical or industry, TeamSense designs techniques to serve companies with large hourly workforces. With the outbreak of COVID-19, TeamSense is presently centered on creating turnkey strategies through its algorithms via the software programs and make way for the individual workers to confidentially identify and report viable signs, symptoms or exposures, which helps managers, HR teams, and EHS experts take steps as rapidly and effectively as possible.

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