Tech Manufacturing Turns to Moxa for Real-Time Machine Performance...

Tech Manufacturing Turns to Moxa for Real-Time Machine Performance Data

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, October 25, 2021

Moxa will help Tech Manufacturing to enhance production by providing real-time machine performance data and reducing lead time through connected CNC machinery.

FREMONT, CA: The availability of massive amounts of real-time data and information allows for a greater understanding of how objects interact and serves as the foundation for speedier decision-making. You'll have greater and longer downtime if you don't have real-time machine data, and you won't be able to optimize machine processes. Tech Manufacturing, a Pennsylvania-based supplier of machined metal parts for aerospace clients such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Bombardier, has turned to Moxa for smarter operation and real-time machine performance data because of their 5-axis CNC machines were already running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company's objectives were to increase production capacity, shorten lead times for their largest and most urgent orders, and extend the useful life of their existing machinery.

“We needed a better understanding of how our machines were actually performing for us in real-time. Live and historical machine performance data would also help us identify technical or process issues that were detrimental to productivity,” comments Jerry Halley, Chief Engineer of Tech Manufacturing.

Tech Manufacturing chose Shop Floor Automations, one of North America's most well-known systems integrators, to help with a cloud-based CNC monitoring solution. No extra IT infrastructure was required because each of Tech Manufacturing's CNC machines was connected to the existing local area network.

Shop Floor Automations provides an easy-to-deploy solution based on Moxa NPort® W2150A and W2250A wireless device servers that allow communications software to access serial and Ethernet devices over the wireless LAN for legacy computers that did not have an Ethernet port. Because the device servers are wireless, they require considerably fewer wires and allow users to wander between several access points. As a result, the servers provided an outstanding solution for devices that are regularly relocated from one location to another, which is common in factory settings.

CNC machine performance data at Tech Manufacturing may now be easily seen and analyzed by cloud-based software such as Scytec DataXchange or Predator Machine Data Collection, thanks to the local network's connection to the Internet. The company's owners and machine operators can see how productive each cell is down to the machine level thanks to a visual dashboard that organizes key performance indicators.

“Getting our CNC machines connected and monitored has made it much easier for us to deliver on our clients’ build-to-print orders with maximum efficiency and minimum lead time. It is a lot easier to get connected than a lot of people may realize,” adds Halley.

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