Tech-Driven Automotive Trends Redefine the Manufacturing Industry

Tech-Driven Automotive Trends Redefine the Manufacturing Industry

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, May 01, 2019

automotive trendsAutomotives being the key driver of the manufacturing industry, the evolving technological trends have been instrumental in transforming the legacy processes and improving the performance of the enterprises. The technological advancements allow the organizations to streamline the core business operations, design strategies to automate the workflow and strategize the role of automotive players. The evolving global market-leading technological use cases are expected to impact the manufacturing industry by changing and upgrading the outlook of its software ecosystem. The following are high-tech automotive advancements empowering the manufacturing industry.   

•  Catalyzing production processes with 3D printing

3D printing technology significantly influences the manufacturing industry. This ultra-fast object building technique, works on the principle of instantly solidifying the multiple layers of liquid molecules, to produce a three-dimensional product. The sector can speed up the manufacturing and production processes with this innovative automotive tool.

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•  IoT-based smart automobile applications

The technology of the internet of things has laid the foundation to realize the concept of smart vehicles. This intelligent automotive idea is now, a driving force in the automobile manufacturing industry. With advanced concepts such as vehicle-to-vehicle interaction, data analytics, rational decision-making, and predictive analysis, IoT-combined vehicular dynamics are upgrades the automotive industry, and consequently, the manufacturing sector.   

•  Broadening the spectrum of carbon fiber technology

The manufacturing industry will soon be adopting creative and expensive carbon fiber technology, which was confined, to customize products and services earlier. Manufacturers use carbon fiber to produce lightweight, durable automobile applications. This unique automotive trend is capable of boosting the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

With the ever-changing technological trends, automotive materials continue to evolve, upgrade and update. The manufacturing industry is also changing its software ecosystem and operational style to stay in tandem with automotive innovations.      

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