Technologies that will Transform Business: AR and VR

Technologies that will Transform Business: AR and VR

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

The regular use of artificial intelligence (AI) shows how quickly new technology becomes an integral part of everyday life. We can expect the same to happen with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

Every company needs long-standing customer relationships, which makes it important to increase customer interest. This is why AR, the real-time integration of digital information in the user’s environment, and VR, a software-created environment presented such that it seems real, have started gaining popularity in business and consumer press.

The three primary factors creating interest in the customer include –

• Active customers participation by engaging senses of sight, hearing, touch and even smell,
• Making customer experience(CX) more meaningful by sharing relevant information about the company and its products,
• Connecting emotionally with customers.

AR and VR aid in customer engagement, starting with early sales and marketing encounters, through purchase and product use and even assist with customer care, making them highly beneficial to companies as well as consumers.

AR functions like Wayfair View have software that show how a piece of furniture will fit in a given surrounding, giving buyers a picture of what will look best in their home. VR applications, on the other hand, accurately illustrate digital spaces, like hospitals, laboratories or industries, which can be used to train personnel before exposing them to situations real-time.

As these technologies gradually become commonplace, special gadgets will not be needed for their handling, making them accessible from mobiles or tablets. The benefits these provide improve customer experience greatly, which is why their popularity is steadily on the rise.

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