Technology on the Shop Floor: Improving the Manufacturing Team

Technology on the Shop Floor: Improving the Manufacturing Team

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, August 06, 2020

Technology helps manufacturers reshape the shop floor into the high-performance machine that will help them thrive in the current age of digital transformation.

FREMONT, CA: Growing customer needs and technological advancements have started to change all industries, and manufacturing is no exception.  With too many challenges to be solved for the industry is looking for technology solutions to help improve shop floor productivity, growth and ensure delivering unmatched customer experience.  So, it is time for manufacturers to kick their smart factory initiatives into top gear.

Top 10 Shop Floor Solution Companies - 2020Manufacturers need to make sure that they have an overreaching strategic plan that considers their operations technology and information technology.  Because the digital technologies in the smart factory will have an impact across the organization, and the entire firm must be aligned to its vision. Manufacturers need a strategy that combines operations technology and information technology. This will help create an opportunity to significantly increase performance by ensuring that the smart factory efforts are based on business value. This strategy should also provide the context for prioritizing investments in the right technologies.

Advanced technology, supported by the ways of working, can help empower a capable workforce to provide values. With a solid strategy, manufacturers need a framework that can navigate smart factory initiatives. Such a framework enables manufacturers to combine human labor and smart technologies to assist in accelerating and sustain performance enhancement. The whole organization must be aligned to its smart factory vision.

Key applications within the smart factory framework can help accelerate the transformation of aspects of manufacturing. Manufacturers should also use the right solutions to help accelerate and sustain their progress, keeping in mind the business value and performance impact of each. With manufacturing excellence programs lacking digital disruption, it is time for manufacturers to embrace the smart factory.

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