The exploration technologies to transform oil and gas industry

The exploration technologies to transform oil and gas industry

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Oil and gas industry is transformed at a remarkable rate in recent years. Companies in this industry are seeking to implement new technologies to overcome challenges such as varying market conditions and emission targets. Following tools and technologies will significantly help this industry.

• Digital transformation

The digital transformation can help oil and gas companies to manage and explore the oil fields. Visualization is used to comprehend real-time information about the operations and subsequently resolve problems.

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• Methane detection systems

Minimizing the methane emission would be the target of most oil and gas companies as it accounts for one-fifth of human-made global emissions. The LUMEN (digital methane detection system) is developed to monitor methane emission. This system has ground-based solar-powered wireless sensor network and drone-based system. It also uses machine learning and algorithm. Hence, it can provide information about methane leak in real-time with details like source and rate of leakage.

• Seismic imaging

It plays a significant part in oil and gas exploration process because it allows researchers to determine the potential wells and to construct seafloor maps. Oil and gas companies also use an alternative method Which is popularly known as AquaVib—the marine vibrator that can generate the same amount of vibration as conventional airguns. It prevents the disruption caused to marine life. This advanced technology makes the process safer and more efficient.

• Automation

 It is predicted that autonomous robots can easily reach areas inaccessible for humans and explore. Hence, robotics automation can be used to improve exploration and oil well operations.

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