The Importance of Data Security in Manufacturing

The Importance of Data Security in Manufacturing

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, January 11, 2019

The manufacturing industry is now frequently exposed to cyber attack. The vulnerability lies in the belief that they are not the targets because they don’t hold vast amounts of consumer data hence, not concentrating on cyber security. But with the rise of the internet of things in manufacturing the occurrence of cyber threats have grown in number allowing remote control and potential hacking. The cyber security risks to the manufacturing sector include everything from operational downtime, product manipulation, physical damage and the theft of sensitive data.

To prevent data breaches data security should be treated as a business issue. A comprehensive information security plan should be made, as part of which employees must be trained and certified to avert the possibility of internal threats. Also, ensure that staff is briefed on the basics and report any suspicious activity.

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Another crucial piece of advice to be considered is that the customer data should be stored in proprietary cloud-based systems. Information stored in the public cloud can easily be challenged. If any disaster occurs the organization will be forced to compromise on their reputation, business, and regulatory rules. Undertaking data mapping will help manufacturers understand and identify vulnerabilities.

Ensuring up-to-date network and software updates is one pivotal scheduled maintenance required for cyber security. It will help companies avoid falling prey to malicious activities. Conducting password audits and implementing two-step authentication can keep away the nightmare of the cyber threat. Having an understanding of the cyber liability policies will also help get coverage when needed.

Attending the above discussed areas can reduce the severity of the cyber attack as well as empower the enterprise. With adequate cyber security measures, manufacturers can invest in cyberspace.

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