The Rise of CX Technologies

The Rise of CX Technologies

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, July 25, 2019

Customer experience

In the age of digital renovation, customer expectations are developing with the emergence of newer technology domains.

FREMONT, CA: It is becoming a challenge for the companies to keep up the pace and deliver unique customer experiences, as consumers increasingly demand hyper-personalized services. As the competition to delight customers gets more spirited, businesses need to decide which critical technologies should they invest in and why.

Here is a crystallized list about a few technologies that can have a significant and positive impact on the customer experience in 2019 and beyond:


Artificial Intelligence (AI) might still be an emerging technology in the world of customer services, but it carries the potential to establish modern standards in this domain. Customers expect companies to foresee their needs and deliver personalized solutions instantly. Therefore, companies are now moving from traditional methods and taking a mile extra to offer customers with unique services. The chatbot is a widely used AI technology, and it engages with customers to provide constant support across the platforms. The exclusivity of chatbot technology has also drawn the attention of extensive audit and consulting organizations.


The continually growing enterprise landscape has a continuous stream of information within the company that is generated, and those data without context turns meaningless. The data generated is analyzed and churn out to be tremendous benefits for customers.  Analytics joins the missing dots and identifies trends as well as patterns in a customer’s journey and puts forward qualitative solutions to clients. The predictive capabilities of analytics provide personalized solutions and go beyond regular offers by recommending exclusive rewards to targeted users with real-time transactions.


Blockchain is at the cusp of interruptions in the enterprise and implementing it can help the companies to interact with customers, without any centralized third party directly. The decentralized approach eliminates skepticism in the mind of the client and creates transparency between brands and customers and ultimately builds a foundation of trust.


Sectors like utilities, manufacturing, automotive, transportation, and logistics are the primary adopters of IoT as it creates new opportunities for enterprises. Smart devices, homes, factories, and cities, everything depends on the successful implementation of IoT initiative. The crossroads of IoT and the other rising tech such as AI have tremendous potential for the enterprise, as organizations invest in AI projects whereas derive value from the data generated from IoT.

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