The Rise of Robotics in 2019

The Rise of Robotics in 2019

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, January 21, 2019

Robotics is considered one of the first and key disrupters in the digital world. Anything that is routine, rule-based, and standard in nature can easily be automated with robotics. It has the potential to improve efficiency multiple times in any industry. Robotics will not only improve the routine tasks, but it will also enable organizations to start combining robotic functionality with other digital tools like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and others.

Cloud robotics is also emerging very fast in the present market. The advantages of cloud robotics include increased computational power, storage, and communications. The cloud-connected robots allow communication between one another robots and operations team seamlessly within an organization. These robots decrease the load on CPU by offloading memory to other remote location servers.

Cloud-based robotics offers shared knowledge and with the real-time database; this makes robots smarter. Large computer tasks can be transferred to the cloud by cloud robotics; this leads to cheaper hardware maintenance and smoother operation. Software and hardware updates can be in real time without data loss. Any old robot which is full of rust and dust can be appropriately reused by using cloud infrastructure.

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There is no sign of looking backward in robotics market development in China both in buying and selling robots; in fact, it has purchased over half of all robots sold in 2018. By 2025, a staggering 1.8 million industrial robots would be produced in China—a tenfold increase over today’s number as predicted by the International Robotic Federation.

A lot of start-ups are developing pet robots. Pupple is a new robot plays with the dogs when owners are away. The products combine automated functions, such as switch detection, to determine if a pet wants to play, with remote control capabilities via an app.

Social robots are autonomous robots which can communicate with and interact with people. Like humans, they are able to exhibit social behavior and follow the rules according to their role. Social robots will take over the world; they will play an increasingly important role in people’s everyday lives and help to lead a better life. According to Statista, the global robotics market is expected to be worth $500 billion by 2025, and the demand for business and consumer robotics is expected to grow seven times faster than in manufacturing.

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