Tips to minimize cyber-risk for manufacturing

Tips to minimize cyber-risk for manufacturing

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Cyber attacks are on the rise because organized hackers have the edge and take advantage of the lax security measures. Cybersecurity threats are growing in the business industry and serving as wake-up calls as industrial and manufacturing companies do not consider themselves as a target for cybercriminals. As the manufacturing sector is responsible for a considerable number of the overall usage of the industrial internet of things manufacturers should remain aware of the threats they face. Also, should know how to recover after suffering a cyber-attack.

The cyber-attacks threats to the manufacturing industry result in physical and non-physical damage. A cyber-attack may be purely data focused, which designed to steal intellectual property or the attack may be designed to create physical disruption to the industrial control systems which cause machinery to malfunction or grind to a halt completely.

Following are some of the ways organizations should follow to reduce the cyber-threats:

Digital supply networks: Today’s connected platforms and devices are used to create a digital supply network that is capable of capturing data from points across the value chain and using it to inform others. The result should improve management and flow of materials and goods, efficient use of resources and supplies which meet customer needs.

Data sharing: It is important for the organizations to keep track of which data should be shared and how to protect the data that shouldn’t. Technologies as trusted platform modules and hardware modules should be incorporated into future devices to provide robust cryptologic support, hardware authentication, and attestation.

Vendor processing: The technology Blockchain helps in creating a shared historical ledger which establishes trust and visibility. Also, protect buyers and sellers by sellers by certifying the authenticity of goods. 

Smart factories: The connected devices in an automated system should be considered as a risk. Modern industrial control systems should rely on automation to maintain high efficiency, resource control, manufacturing execution, supervisory control, and data acquisition system. These connections make operations smoother and more efficient.

Manufacturers should associate with the insurer with the understanding of the risks faced within manufacturing facilities. The insurer should be able to assess and process claims quickly to ensure that policyholders have the required capital to recover from a cyber breach. This is important when the cyber-attack caused damage and result in business interruption.

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