Top 3 Manufacturing Trends for Now and the Future

Top 3 Manufacturing Trends for Now and the Future

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, October 12, 2020

Manufacturing is among the most significant and most essential industries globally, resulting in huge competition, and developments happen quickly.

Fremont, CA: The manufacturing industry’s immediate and long-term future will be defined by the advancements of numerous ever-evolving and cutting-edge trends and technologies. Most of these trends and technologies have a substantial impact in 2020 and beyond, so it’s critically essential for manufacturers to develop a good understanding of what they are, how they will evolve in time, and in what ways they will impact those within the industry. Top 10 Aerospace Manufacturing Companies in Europe - 2020

Here are the key manufacturing trends to watch out in the future.

Predictive Maintenance

Effective equipment maintenance is the key to the success of manufacturers. Thus, the ability to predict impending failures and reduce downtime is massively valuable. Predictive maintenance provides that and much more. Finally, it gives manufacturers the ways to optimize maintenance tasks in real-time, expanding the life of their machinery, and avoiding any disruption to their operations.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

When it comes to utilizing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in manufacturing, the advantages are endless. Whether it is helping to make processes more efficient, enhancing product design and development, or maintaining machinery more effectively, these technologies can become game-changers in the coming years.

Virtual reality helps its users to move around a 360-degree virtual world and also sometimes interacts with it. When utilizing virtual reality, real, physical surroundings are no longer a factor. And the advancements in technology, the virtual world is being reproduced better than before. Augmented reality differentiates because its users are needed to be at a specific location to boost their experience of reality, while those who leverage virtual reality are entirely immersed in a virtual world.


The role of cybersecurity in manufacturing cannot be overstated. More connected devices are being integrated into the organizational processes every day, so the manufacturing industry should develop a keen understanding of how to best deal with them. As the industry starts to be more connected with time, equipment manufacturers and their customers will be affected numerous ways.

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