Top 4 IIoT Benefits Modernizing Manufacturing

Top 4 IIoT Benefits Modernizing Manufacturing

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, August 01, 2019

Industrial IoTThe vision of connected enterprise through interconnecting various industrial assets is essentially fulfilled with the introduction of the Industrial Internet of Things.  

FREMONT, CA: Internet of Things (IoT) needs no introduction. Industrial IoT(IIoT), amalgamating different technologies, including machine learning, big data, sensor data, and automation, makes a connected manufacturing floor. Thus, improving visibility, boosting operational efficiency, increases productivity, and reduces the complexity of the process in the industry. It is a transformative manufacturing strategy that helps to improve quality, safety, productivity in a trade. Below are major advantaged IIoT can provide on a manufacturing floor.

• Inventory Management

Monitoring of events across the supply chain is possible through IIoT applications. The inventory is tracked with this system, and it notifies users of any significant deviations or even updates. This offers a cross channel visibility to the inventories. This presents managers with realistic estimates of the available material, work in progress, and the estimated arrival of new stocks.

• Quality Control

Sensors attached to IIoT systems can aggregate product data and other third party syndicated data from various stages of the product cycle. The data is related to a transformative manufacturing strategy that helps to improve quality, safety, productivity in an industry. IIoT devices can provide data about the consumer sentiment on using the product. All these inputs can be analyzed to identify and correct quality issues.

• Enhanced Safety

Big data analysis is possible with IIoT. Key performance indicators of health and workplace safety, including the number of injuries, absences, illness rates, can thus be continuously monitored to ensure better workplace conditions. Also, lagging indicators can be addressed immediately and effectively.

• Predictive Maintenance

With IIoT in manufacturing, there came a revolution in the maintenance system and its delivery. Predictive maintenance is delivered through hardware means faster processing and on the spot analysis.  Predictive maintenance is tailored to help identify the condition of factory assets to predict when maintenance should be performed or possible breakdowns. This promises cost savings and time-based preventive maintenance, as the activities are performed only when warranted.

There’s no time like the present to onboard IIoT on the manufacturing floor.

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