Top Machine Vision Trends to Watch Out For

Top Machine Vision Trends to Watch Out For

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, September 30, 2020

AI and machine learning technologies are at an extremely exciting phase today. Advancements and recent trends in supporting technologies, one of the most prominent of them being machine vision is pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve in the areas of automation, data analytics, and more. 

Fremont, CA: Machine vision technology is transforming the manufacturing industry in unprecedented was today. It represents a new era of robotics and smart manufacturing, which has resulted in phenomenal advancements in quality control, productivity enhancements, production consistencies, and more. Industry 4.0 and the use of smart machines, inventory systems, and production machinery driving new trends in the ways machine vision technologies are applied to improve all aspects of industrial manufacturing.

Here are the top machine vision trends for 2020

Deep Learning

Applications of Machine Vision Technology to Deep learning have provided solutions to vision applications that are tough to program using rule-based algorithms. It has enabled the development of algorithms that can handle complex surface textures, variations in partial appearance, and adapt to new examples without the need for reprogramming. Its applications to handling judgment-based partial location, inspection, classification, and character recognition challenges are enhancing data analytical capabilities of businesses, multifold.

Top 10 Machine Vision Consulting Companies in Europe - 2019Embedded Vision

The embedded vision system is yet another application of Machine Vision technology that is seeing rapid adoption today. These are compact systems with miniaturized processing boards and powerful board-level cameras. Lightweight, energy-efficient, user-friendly, and low-cost, embedded systems are used for a variety of applications today, including autonomous mobile robots, industrial drones, driver assistance systems, medical imaging, and biometrics.

3D Imaging

The use of Machine Vision technology has resulted in substantial enhancement to 3D image processing capabilities prevalent today. It has enabled more sophisticated and targeted applications for specific application bases such as high-speed imaging, robot guidance, and surface profiling, etc. Top, global companies in this field, such as Keyence and Wenglor are already leveraging the benefits of this technology while several new players, such as Zivid, Photoneo, and Canon, are making their entry into 3D technology segment with structured light technology.


Machine vision applications have transformed the field of robotics. Today robotic solutions are deployed across industries – manufacturing and logistics to food & beverage, electronics, and healthcare. Coupled with modern hardware capabilities, robotic systems can today perform multiple tasks, accurately and without the need for reprogramming.

With the rapid pace of technology advancement today, machine vision and related technologies are expected to evolve and will see a phenomenal increase in its applications across industries and operational use cases.

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