Top Technology Trends to Adopt for Better Workplace Safety

Top Technology Trends to Adopt for Better Workplace Safety

Laura Davis, Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, October 19, 2020

There is a constant development in technology in the workplace that is focusing on improved worker safety.

FREMONT, CA:When the word technology is spoken about concerning the business, one usually assumes that the purpose is to improve productivity and enhance communication. However, technology for health and safety is gaining adherence because of the organizations' emphasis on compliance with the laws and standards. Over the years, technology has been preventing worker fatalities, and injuries and the rise of complex tools and gadgets provides a new perspective on how workplace safety can be further improved. Thus, employers have to take notice and educate on emerging trends and the impact of technologies on employee safety. New technologies are instrumental in promoting better safety in the workplace.

Top 10 Industry Safety Solution Companies - 2019Robotics

Robotics continues to play a substantial role in most facets of employees' work environments. Robotic technology can aid in reducing the workers' exposure to existing injury sources. Careful planning must be done to ensure employees' safety, not only when the robot is working but also during set-up and adjustment. 

Wearable technologies

The development of wearable technology is transforming the way employers approach worker safety. Wearable technology can assist in lessening accidents and injuries, help in the recovery process, and provide data collection like work task data that can be shared with workers, employers, and healthcare providers. The results are better worker safety and lower WC costs.

Guarding of machinery

The usage of light curtains, lasers, and pressure-sensitive mats has substantially advanced worker safety. Previously, the use of machine guarding or "pullbacks" was the standard mechanism to secure employees from power press-related injuries. New technologies now enable the worker to perform his or her tasks effortlessly and with fewer inhibitions. These devices are sophisticated and need proper installation by a qualified person.

Driving exposures – Vehicle improvements

The National Safety Council and Bureau of Labor Statistics states that work-related vehicle crashes are the critical drivers of lost-time WC claims and the most frequent cause of workplace fatalities. New in-vehicle technologies are aiding to change driving behaviors, give the ability to track unsafe actions, and capture data for management interactions.

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