Tracker off Road and New Hope

Tracker off Road and New Hope

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, February 07, 2019

The growing interest in sports and recreation has formed an enormous market for ATVs. The proper use of connectivity has made these vehicles more driver friendly. The constant demand, upgraded performance, and better customer experience will create a large market for ATVs by 2024. ATV institute of California plays a vital role in setting up rules and regulations for ATV drivers. By 2024, the market for ATV vehicles will be of $3 billion. Its sports utilization will hold 26 percent of the total volume share. 

Tracker, a seller of boats, has signed a MoU with Textron Specialized Vehicles to create a market for UTVs and ATVs. Under this contract, they will manufacture UTVs and ATVs and will sell them under Tracker Off Road brand. Some of the Ranger, Triton, and Tracker, and independent dealers will sell this item.

The announcement of Tracker off Road is very significant for the company. For years, Tracker is being termed as a leader in the field of boat manufacturing. The company's White River Marine Group is the largest manufacturer of boats. It provides proper satisfaction to the customers. It has received the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) award for six consecutive times.

Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. is a leading provider of golf cars, personal vehicles, and all-terrain vehicles. It has been transformed into a $14.2 billion company and has confirmed its worldwide presence. Some of its powerful brands are Bell, Cessna, Beechcraft, and E-Z-GO. Bell has recently announced its Air Taxi in CES 2019. Earlier, it planned to acquire Howe and Howe Tech, a robotics innovator.

The partnership between these two giants is significant. Tracker off Road will become a trendsetter. This partnership, between two leading companies of different areas, will help them to enjoy an expansion beyond their conventional boundaries. The customers will be provided with a friendly shopping process and proper networks of authorised customer services. The launch event was intriguing due to the presence of NASCAR champion Martin Truex, Jr.

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